Federazione Italiana Arti Marziali

                      (Italian martial arts federation)  

                     Sicilian regional committee


                                              Catania 25th September 1982

                                              Dear Sensei Diego Giardina

                                              Black belt 4th dan


              Subject ; Reconfirm of special dutys


Like last sporting season, it is my pleasure to inform you that the following duty’s have been reconfirmed to you.

a)Technically responsible for the Kyushindo Karate in the region of Sicily.

b)Technically responsible for the W.A.C.O (semi-full contact) in the province of Agrigento, in the region of Sicily.

Best wishes for your work and I send you my regards.


The President

(Santo Platania)                          

                                                          F.I.A.M Sicilian regional committee


F.I.A.M. 1982

F.I.A.M. 1981/83 p.1