Letter to Sensei Ricky Diego Giardina from the Prefect of Agrigento.


 In Italy, a prefect (prefetto) is the State's representative in a province.They have political responsibility and coordinate the local quaestor(Questore).

A Questore heads the police of his province (Polizia di Stato), who has technical responsibility, to enforce laws when public safety is threatened.

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The Prefect of Agrigento



Dear Master


At the end of the first course in self-defence Karate, I wish to express my most sincere appreciation for the commitment and `professionalism that distinguished your activities in favour of the police forces with success.


 We hope that the collaboration undertaken with this administration`s will actively continue for the future.

Best Wishes.


Vincenzo Tarsia

Agrigento 1985 p.1