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Sensei  Ricky

Diego Giardina biography



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Il nostro stile è un puntino piccolo nella vasta galassia delle arti marziali, ma è un puntino che assorbe in sé l’universo intero, perché unisce ragione, spirito, forza, controllo, tecnica, armonia e disciplina.



Diego Giardina

Sensei Ricky Diego Giardina in the late 60s started to learn Kyushindo Karate in Bristol at the Club in Jacobs Wells Road under French teacher G.S.Mayo 10th DAN Chief in England for the Kyushindo Karate and Judo.

In the Bristol Club some of the first people to receive the black belt in Kyushindo were: I. P. for the Judo and D. B. for the Karate.

After Sensei Ricky received the black belt he was made responsible for the Kyushindo Karate in the Bristol Club and the last grade that he received from Chief Mayo was the 4thDAN in 1977.

At the end of 1977 Sensei Ricky left England to move in Sicily (Canicatti` AG), straightaway he started teaching Kyushindo Karate and forming the K.I.A. Kyushindo International Association.

At the beginning it was very difficult to introduce this Style of Karate in Italy in the major Martial Arts Federation.

The first Association of Karate to recognise Sensei Ricky’s grade was in Palermo, after he had to go through an exam in front of a commission.

After couple years of teaching in private clubs and Sports Centre in the province of Agrigento and \Caltanissetta,Sensei Ricky had the first generation of Black belts in Italy of Kyushindo Karate.

In the eighties the K.I.A. was affiliated with the F.I.A.M. (Federazione Italiana Arte Marziale) and W.A.K.O. (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations).

Again to be recognised 4thDAN in this style he had to go in front of another commission with teachers of different styles and Sensei Luciano Parisi said to Sensei Ricky what ever style you practise and you do it well that style is valid.

After he was recognised 4thDAN he also was made F.I.A.M. responsible for the province of Agrigento.

Sensei Ricky took part in many Karate national seminars and after 8 years the F.I.A.M. gave him the 5th DAN.


Sensei Diego Giardina

9th Dan  Kyushindo

K.I.A. Karate Giardina


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Diego Giardina e Dennis B.

In the middle of the eighties he taught various lessons of self defence to the Agrigento Police of State.

At the beginning of the nineties   the F.I.A.M. had some regional administrations problems and the K.I.A. group decide to change and go with the U.N.I.B. (Unione Italiana Budo) and Sensei Ricky received the 6thDAN.

U.N.I.B.  changed their name to F.E.K.D.A. (Federazione Europea Karate Discipline Associate).

In the middle of the nineties Sensei Ricky was made 7thDAN and was made responsible for the Kyushindo Karate in Italy for the F.E.K.D.A.

At the end of 1997 Sensei Ricky move back to England ( Bristol ) and was made responsible to represent F.E.K.D.A. in the UK.

Straightaway he started teaching in Bristol and various Sports Centre for North Somerset Council.

The K.I.A. group in England in the late nineties got affiliated with the B.K.A. (British Karate Association) and took part in various Open competitions for the Kata and Kumite.

In April 2000 the K.I.A. group in England organised a Seminar in Weston Super Mare and invited Claudio Pastore Chairman of F.E.K.D.A. and Rosario Selman European Champion of Karate, on this occasion Sensei Ricky received the 8th DAN.

Sensei Ricky Diego Giardina has dedicated all his life studying Karate and he always looked after all of students like part of his family.


In italy and UK, the philosophy from Sensei Ricky to all his students has always been the same:

if you want to improve in Karate you should have personality, character and to believe in what you are doing.

A good Master or student must be honest with them self before they can be honest to others and to achieve the best result it is very important to work as a team.


All these set of principles should not only applied in Karate but also in every day life.


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Sensei Ricky & Mayo

3-11-2013 Canicatti` (AG) Sicily,Italy. The F.E.K.D.A. graduated Sensei Diego Giardina 9th Dan

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